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Considering an electric vehicle (EV)?

The change from gas to electric is aspirational, but can be daunting for first timers.  Let GPP Tech help you make the transition.

tesla experts in Detroit

Here are a few reasons why DTE recommends going electric:

An EV driver in Michigan reduces 45% to 60% of emissions annually compared to a driver of a gas-powered vehicle.

The energy your EV uses is produced right here in Michigan. That means more money and jobs pumped into our local economy.

Driving an EV is exciting – offering instantaneous torque with nearly silent acceleration.

Because electric motors are much quieter than gas-powered motors, EVs reduce traffic noise on roads and neighborhood streets.

Besides DTE’s reasons, it is just plain more cost effective to drive an EV.  Check out this five year cost comparison between a Toyota Camry and a Tesla Model 3.

Choosing a vehicle is the fun part, but it helps to have some practical advice if you don’t already have family or friends who are using EV’s.  I have a Tesla Model Y available on that can be rented so you can get a feel for driving one.  We also have a Chevy Volt, which is no longer produced, but gives you an idea of the General Motors approach to electric vehicles.

If you choose a Tesla, use my referral code and we can both receive 1,000 miles of free supercharging.  Here is the code.

Federal tax incentives of up to $4,500 are available to help defray the cost of your new EV.

In Michigan, DTE will pay you $500 if you install a level 2 charger at your residence.  This covers 80% of the chargers cost.  They provide a check in the mail shortly after completing the reimbursement form they require.  They support a limited number of chargers.

DTE will also provide you with a power plan so you can charge your new EV for 11 cents per Kwh hour, versus the normal 16 to 24 cent rate.

Installation of that level 2 charger needs to be done by a qualified electrician.  GPPTech can provide an electrician familiar with vehicle charging systems to get it done.

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