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Home Services

Home Services

GPP Tech Offers many services – both remote and in person – for our clientele in Detroit and the Grosse Pointes. We are your Computer Support Specialist

Computer Repair, Virus Removal, Wifi, Support and More

Computer Repair

Computer repair includes things like laptop repair, desktop repair, and other computer repair options. We help with Windows, Linux, and beyond!

Mac, Apple, and iPhone Repair

Have a Macbook, iPad, or iPhone that isn't working? We are your Apple Tech Support!

Technology Assessment

We will check how you currently use technology and make recommendations for changes to help you spend less and get better results.

Help and 3rd Party Resource Management

We help with IT vendor management (network hosts, internet providers, mobile contract, printers, etc) - this means we take all the hassle out of dealing with things like choosing the right system or hardware, limiting your costs in negotiation, etc

Virus and Malware Protection

WiFi Instalation and Solutions

You need to make sure your network is fast and reliable. Let us help you find better solutions today including: Faster initial network options; Wireless problem solving and solutions; New fiber network options and solutions; LAN, WAN, WLAN and other technical operations

Data backup – Both Cloud and Local

Important files should be backed up not only locally, but also with additional cloud backup and storage. We help answer questions and teach you the benefits and ease of mind cloud storage solutions

In Person and Remote Support

On-Demand and remote support to keep GPP Tech on demand to solve any troubles that may arise

And Much More!

Technology Assessment

Our Tech Assessment includes:

We will check how you currently use technology and make recommendations for changes to help you spend less and get better results. Includes network, phone service, security, energy use, online accounts, computer and mobile devices.

For a fixed price, GPPTech will do a full analysis of your phone, internet, security monitoring, electricity, online subscriptions and other elements of your personal technology. We will identify opportunities for you to save money and improve services.

If we can’t provide opportunities to save 3 times or more what the assessment costs, it’s free. The assessment is not just about saving money. Often, we can introduce you to new services or products that can improve your quality of life.

To request the technology assessment, simply contact me by phone or email to schedule an appointment. The cost for a home technology assessment is $95. The cost for a business technology assessment is $499. If your business has less than 5 computers, it qualifies for the home technology assessment price.

Wayne County IT support

Personal, In Person Support

We come to you! We can get one of our team to your residence in as little as a day! Give us a call to schedule an appointment from our tech support.

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Computer Support Specialist

GPP Tech has experienced, friendly, and knowledgeable employees who will help solve your problem, explain a solution, and help you get the most out of your technology.

detroit IT security

Security Experts

Make sure your computers, home, and family are secure - ask for a complete home audit today!

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Serving Detroit, the Grosse Pointes, and Wayne County, we are Southeastern Michigan’s premiere business IT experts. We’re always happy to talk, and we want to find the best way to serve your company.

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